Do It Now Programme

Prefer to work on line, at your own pace, and in your own space?

Need help around career progression, career challenges or career change? If you would like some help to on what will improve your results at work try our ‘How Future Fit Are You?’ test and we will send you a free report.

For clients who want to take stock of their life and work then spending time exploring values, strengths and motivations can help. This and work on self development will help you to start taking action on goals that have meaning to you. Our online programme involves a variety of activities, exercises, resources and virtual coaching support to keep you motivated and share successes.

Key elements of the programme are:

Identifying your values and purpose

Why – and for whom – do you live your life the way that you do? And what contribution do you want to make?

Developing your confidence and resilience

Take an honest look at the uniqueness of you – your beliefs – empowering and disempowering, your defining moments … the things that make YOU unique.

Tap into your real motivation

What is the meaning and momentum that will encourage your motivation to overcome blocks for change?   This stage looks at what what you want, your goals, and what you CAN DO now and what will help you do it.

Know and use your unique resources

Understand your personal skills and capabilities, the strengths you can bring to bear, and the story these tell about you. Take steps to continue to develop.

Focus on actions

Understand how to gather and use all the support you can get to make your goals a reality. Develop a SUCCESS state of mind.

What decisions will move things on?  Which short term actions will lead to long term goals? What can you do now that will bring in the changes that will have a long term effect?

Of course you can work through this programme on your own if you want to.  But, as and when you want it,  we have personal coaching, action learning sets and retreat-style workshops and weekend breaks to help you make it happen and keep on track.

Contact us for a taster or to join the programme.