Resilient Connected and Supported Through Change

by Admin on February 15, 2021

We are delighted to announce our on-line change and resilience mastermind groups for purpose led founders, leaders and their teams.


There are real challenges and opportunities for small to medium sized business and organisations at the moment

Many of us are either working from home or in a workplace with limited day to day contact with peers. We need to respond rapidly and regularly to external change whilst at the same time making strategic and operational changes in business direction and activity. Meanwhile we are dealing with the impact of change on our teams, our families and on ourselves. It is a big ask for us all. No wonder we are hearing the word ‘overwhelm’ from many people!

Our small group peer learning, coaching and resilience groups have been designed to support and enable founders, leaders, managers and trustees in purpose led enterprises feel and act resourcefully.


Our aims are to create a growth space that:

enables a thinking to make change easier to navigate,

  • creates opportunities for shared learning, best practice and support
  • increases personal resilience throughexpert resources and practical actions
  • encourages resilience through a focus on strengths, motivation, growth mindset and meaning
  • develops skills in managing change,relationship and resilience.

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small steps for wellness this winter

by Admin on December 14, 2020

With darker nights and further lockdowns we are focused on staying well through this winter period. As we continue to adapt, make and take on the changes brought about by this unique period we are living through it’s helpful to ask ourselves how we can really look after ourselves to stay resilient.

We are delighted to have our first guest Jo Twiselton join us looking at wellness this winter. Jo and Alix have worked together building an approach for wellbeing and resilience called BEST pulling together actions we take that support our BRAIN and BODY, understanding our EMOTIONS, action for building SOCIAL SUPPORT and steps for taking TIMELY TIME out.

Read more on what Jo has to say about winter wellness.

And if you want to take some simple steps pick a couple of our suggestions to fit into each day. Stay well this winter.




small steps for work life flow

November 14, 2020

In a time of global pandemic is ‘balance’ the way to describe our relationship to work, home, life? There really isn’t an equal split on a spectrum between life and work!  We wonder if there ever was as this is different for different people anyway  ….. and many things come into these categories of work […]

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small acts of repair – our planet

November 12, 2020

Our planet Have you heard about Earth Overshoot day? This is the projection of when each country will demand more of the Earths resources than their renewable capacity. The overshoot day for 2020 was August 22nd . This has been steadily getting worse  –  only COVID slowed the trend slightly in 2020. What if we […]

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small acts of repair – a compelling issue

November 12, 2020

A compelling issue People often say “I would be happy if only I won the lottery … if only I had an apartment like my friend … if only I had that job.” We compare and look out at the world of “stuff” to bring us happiness. But the research shows that it is isn’t […]

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small acts of repair – appreciative and grateful

November 12, 2020

Appreciative and grateful Positive Psychology (Seligman, Csikszentmihaly) or the “scientific study of what makes life worth living” has shown there are many health and other benefits if we shift our perspective from a negative to a more positive focus. These small shifts of gratitude, appreciation, optimism, bring with them big changes to our health and […]

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small acts of repair – relationships

November 12, 2020


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small acts of repair

November 12, 2020

Small Acts of Repair are small actions that shift energy from discomfort in ourselves or relationships, from what we don’t want  towards what we do want. In times of change or crisis we can lose our mojo, feel sadness, have little patience or interest. This may show up in our work, with clients, friends, with […]

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Welcome to Jo Mills

November 21, 2017

A warm welcome to Jo Mills who is working with Alix this autumn as we offer ‘Refresh’ a workshop to local charity and social enterprise. Tweet

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It’s here! … REFRESH – An evening for leaders of Cambridgeshire charities and social enterprise

October 26, 2017

The evening is for trustees, board members or CEO’s. Everyone new or experienced faces challenges: how to keep your organisation fresh and focused how to set direction and bring your whole team with you how to achieve your goals and plans We have designed an event that will give you a creative and comfortable space […]

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