Complexity to clarity

Overwhelm to first steps


We help you make change and transition and thrive. Our targeted and tailored, impactful coaching, action learning and facilitation will lead you through change confidently whilst holding focus on wellbeing, morale and motivation. We work one to one and with small groups.


  • For you, for your team, or your whole organisation
  • Personalised for your specific needs
  • Helps you understand and use your strengths
  • Enables you to focus on key issues; gain clarity, perspective and courage
  • To be authentic in your leadership
  • Grow your emotional intelligence and compassionate leadership
  • So you navigate change and complexity with new energy, commitment and wellbeing

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Action Learning

  • You join a small group of peers to work on common problems
  • The group will meet in a short series of virtual meetings
  • You will gain new insights and new perspectives
  • Your skills in coaching will deepen, strengthen develop you as a person
  • Our focus is action oriented, about finding solutions
  • Impactful on your organisation
  • You will benefit from working with a diverse group of peers

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Who are we?

An experienced multi-disciplinary team
Used to high emotion, rapid change and challenging circumstances
Specialists in leadership and personal development
For individuals and businesses
Voluntary and social impact organisations & SME’s
Experienced in working virtually
Highly recommended

Our Approach

Just as a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, so starting coaching or action learning with us can take you much further than you thought.  Change that sticks starts by taking time to consider yourself, your skills and talents, to weigh up options, and then to put into practice new ideas, then monitor, evaluate and refine.  First, you need to check that you are walking in the right direction.  Then, you can build up to a run, and even leaps.  We help you do this.


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