Have you noticed what happens when you say “YES, I CAN do it – and “I can do it NOW”?

Sometimes, a small shift in your thinking can move you into a powerful new zone.  We believe that you can get results by taking small steps for big effects, releasing and then harnessing fresh energy along the way.

We work with you to tap into your desire and ability to make and adapt to changes. Notice what sounds meaningful and visualise the end results!

Can Do It Now is here to help you develop inner strong ‘muscles’ to help you through some of the big decisions or change points of work and life. Developing the flexibility and skills to adapt when needed and stay strong then that is required.

Strong muscles too; for identifying what is important to you and what you want to accomplish, decision making to aim for what you want, confidence and self belief to be your very best self and focus on your core passions, resilience and resourcefulness to stick with it and make it work and the sense of joy and humour to appreciate the journey however challenging.


Can Do It Now is passionate about you making the things happen in your work and life you want.  We can work with you to

  • explore where you want to go with your life and career
  • open up options, and help you choose between them
  • help you design ways to achieve your ideas, projects and dreams
  • build up your skills and personal resources
  • help you get started
  • maintain your motivation and momentum

We also offer fun, creative and inspirational approaches to help groups take small steps for big effects. Increasing their resilience and effectiveness. Improving their relationships and results. Encouraging teams to be their very best and appreciate the journey.

For individuals and teams we provide a high challenging and supportive space to tackle the tricky stuff, test and grow inner strength, build trust and co working to achieve great results.

How do you prefer to work?  You can choose between:

  • Bite size – a download at a time? Try this career development tool!
  • Personal – one to one, focused  attention, an approach that suits you (the right mix of mentoring, coaching, development). Face to face, by Skype or email.
  • With others and time to think in-between  – an Action Learning set, group coaching or team development day, all great if you prefer to learn in groups. Either face to face or virtually.
  • A complete and intensive experience – time away from normal responsibilities to review, reflect and reorganise – you might like our Retreat Programmes based in France or custom designed for your organisation.

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. Vincent Van Gogh

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