Coaching focuses on you. Whether face to face with one of our coaches, or by phone, its a more direct and personal experience than Action Learning.  That suits some people and not others.  If that personal focus is what you want, it can help you improve the quality of your life, your relationships, your career, business, family, community – in fact it can and often does affect all aspects of your life.


Well it encourages  awareness, enthusiasm, motivation, authenticity, challenge, vision.  It helps you build resilience, develop ideas, and supports you through taking action.

You might want to work with a Can Do It Now coach to develop your business, make a career change, develop the quality of your life or community …  in fact anything where you want to make change.

What to expect?

The first step is an initial discussion to explore and understand the outcomes you want from a period of coaching. We will give you a frank view on whether coaching is really the right thing for you, and if so whether we are the right coaches for your needs.

If you continue, you and your coach will agree a contract that sets out how you will work together to achieve your outcomes.  During coaching sessions, your coach will use questions, activities and other resources to help you explore and clarify your thoughts, challenge ways of thinking and behaving, practice new behaviours and skills, and commit to action.  We offer one to one coaching in person (London/Hertfordshire/Cambridge/Derby) and/or by phone, supported by email.

The experience of coaching may not always be easy; it may well be challenging.  But it is also joyous, energising and fun.  You will get out what you put in.  So move out your comfort zone and take on the challenges whilst we support you all the way.

Contact us for more information, to speak to a coach or book in a session