Welcome to Jo Mills

by Admin on November 21, 2017

A warm welcome to Jo Mills who is working with Alix this autumn as we offer ‘Refresh’ a workshop to local charity and social enterprise.

Jo Mills


The evening is for trustees, board members or CEO’s. Everyone new or experienced faces challenges:

  • how to keep your organisation fresh and focused
  • how to set direction and bring your whole team with you
  • how to achieve your goals and plans

We have designed an event that will give you a creative and comfortable space to explore those challenges.

You will leave energised and equipped with a fresh approach and personal action plan.

We are meeting in a creative space and will provide refreshments on arrival.

Can Do It Now is an established people development consultancy with experience working with leaders and managers to achieving change in their business. We are committed to delivering this workshop as the start of a programme that forms part of our business commitment to social responsibility. Our services include:

  • Leadership and organisational development
  • Facilitating Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Coaching

The REFRESH session will be led by Jo Mills and Alix Nadelman who have extensive experience of leading and working with organisations achieving change through people. Together they bring skills and knowledge from commercial, public, third sector and community based groups.

REFRESH will take place on Monday 27th November – 5:30pm to 8pm – Cambridge CB4

Places are £10 and include refreshments so to Book your place – REFRESH EVENT BOOKING



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