About Us

Alix  Nadelman  

Alix’s warm enthusiasm motivates and encourages action. She applies her experience in emotional intelligence, positive psychology and best practice in behavioural change for organisations and individuals, increasing resilience and performance and enabling better leadership. Coaching, training, facilitation and use of psychometrics form core skills. Experienced also in the virtual environment in one to one, action learning facilitation and learning community platforms.

Early career involved leading large strategic people development projects from needs diagnosis through to design and delivery enables well thought out systemic business solutions.

She has contributed to the University of Cambridge Undergraduate Certificate and Diploma in Coaching as a Panel Tutor.





Janie Wilson

Janie’s creative and strategic strength mean that she can support and enable you to work through the most complex and involved issues of being a leader. An expert facilitator, Janie is skilled in facilitating a wide variety events: large and complex, team development or a one to one meeting. Coaching teams and Action Learning are core competencies, as too is the strategic application of action learning and coaching.

Janie is both experienced in working with corporates and large social enterprise. She loves the personal focus of nurturing creativity, connecting people and working with start ups. She is based in France and works across Europe.






Our Partners

Mandy Hetherton

Mandy’s thoughtful and intelligent approach will enable you learn and make connections. Great insight and communication means her feedback skills are impactful.  Mandy’s expertise working with organisations wanting to implement effective Action Learning programmes to deliver business change means she brings a deep understanding of best practice and expert facilitation skills

AC Certified Coach




Hilary McLellan

Hilary’s zest for life will infect you with energy and motivate you to action. Hilary brings expertise to enable teams facing challenges: team dynamics, assimilating new team members, significant change. She uses a deep understanding of effective leadership change and concrete experience in developing behaviours of emotional intelligence in others to help change organisational behaviour.





Jo Mills

Jo’s pragmatic and strategic style will help you think in a clear and focussed way. She brings board level expertise working with senior leaders as a critical friend, mentor and coach. A passion for making a difference in the wider community impacts on what she does both inside and outside work.

EMCC Executive Coach.


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