A new year beckoning? Jump into action!

by Admin on December 30, 2013

Where do I go if …………….








I want a new direction – something stretching and creative?

Website www.jobhunters

I love food and cooking – it would be so great to make a business out of cooking– what do you think?bible.com

Website  www.wearekitchenette.com

There must be more to life than working to earn money to pay for this lifestyle that I don’t have time to enjoy as I am too busy working.

Website  www.escapethecity.org.uk

I want to make a fresh start?

Website  http://www.managementtoday.co.uk/features/1207877/how-fresh-start/?goback=.gsm_2664629_1_*2_*2_*2_lna_PENDING_*2#!

I have a business idea that I think will have a big impact on society – where do I go to develop my ideas for developing a charity?

Website www.the-sse.org       www.unltd.org.uk

My job search is frustrating and I am not even getting the interviews – its really getting me down.

Website www.johnleescareers.com

What about working overseas – maybe as a volunteer or in something quite different – where are the opportunities and jobs?

Website www.goinglobal.com  www.vso.org.uk

… and what about if I want to work with someone to explore these areas …?

Talk to Janie or Alix here at www.candoitnow.co.uk


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