Career Can Do Cambridge – Tuesday October 14th

by Admin on September 30, 2014

Career Can Do Cambridge – A breakfast coffee and a ‘Can Do’ chat to add ‘caffeine’ to your career plans.

These get-togethers are for anyone who may be curious or interested in career coaching, wants to focus and kick start their plans or take the opportunity to re-think or re-focus their work life. It’s an opportunity to learn more by chatting with Alix. A short workout perhaps as a taster for further exercise!

If you are an individual who is interested in taking steps forward in your career, personal development, or making some work-life changes then come and join me for a coffee. It’s very informal, we buy our own cup of coffee and chat about job, career, challenges, strategies, change, courage, support and making things happen.

Amazingly, a brief conversation can help to:

Get you unstuck.
Get more focussed.
Feel less overwhelmed.
Move you into solid action.
Highlight what is really going on.
See where you need to start.
Email me to book a slot on Tuesday morning …

For more information or to book your one to one meeting contact us

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