Cambridge Executive Coaching

With such an inspirational home town it’s both exciting and enjoyable working with people in Cambridge. We have great locations and venues, resources on tap and I have to say some of the best coffee I’ve tasted! Why else choose a coach based in Cambridge? Well experienced, passionate, professionally qualified can all be added.

If you are local you might be interested in watching this space more closely, as there will soon be some open sessions running at local venues – work, career and life tips, tools and tricks … intriguing!


A key member of the team but ruffling feathers? A new appointee that’s not getting off to the start you wanted? A square peg in a round hole? Fabulous and you want to keep them? An important but not fully functioning team? There are lots of reasons why a business supports their employees by appointing a coach.

We’ve worked with professionals, managers and company executives to help them and their business achieve better results, improved retention, enhanced communication and engagement and more profit.


There are a variety of situations that prompt either organisations or individuals to look to career development coaching.

Organisations may want to: Support key members of staff, increase flexibility and transferability of employees, springboard new intakes and retain and develop key talent groups.

Individuals may want to: Increase their career mobility, improve their job hunting success, increase their confidence, give wings to their entrepreneurial dreams and re-enter the job market after a break.

We have a wealth of experience and passion for working with people on their careers. We work in a very integrative way, understanding that what ‘works’ is what motivates and creates an energy for action.


Increasingly we work with individuals in a broad based way helping them work on life issues and goals; support through a significant life change, input at a challenging time and dealing with challenging relationships, to name but a few areas. Empowering and privileged work to be doing.