Spring is in the air

by Admin on March 15, 2011

Yes, its true, spring is upon us. We’ve been joyfully watching the snowdrops for the last few weeks, firstly peeping through the frosty ground and spotlit by sunshine on a cold day. The daffodils are up now and this week have opened and every plant seems to be sprouting buds. Not just the plants! We’re noticing people growing ideas and plans so it must be springtime. We are all venturing out again!

So if you are starting to gather ideas and inspirations check in with yourself. How are you going to nurture them to full bloom? What care do these first buds need and which frosts might you need to protect them from?

Perhaps your career ideas would be nurtured by finding a mentor? Jot down a list of people you respect and admire, they could be people you know and they may be people you don’t yet know. How could you use their advice and support to nurture your plans?

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