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by Admin on September 30, 2013

So why did we chose “Can do it Now” as the name of our company?

In a nutshell – we wanted something that reflected our can do thinking.

We believe that sometimes it just takes a little shift, a small focus of attention, a boost of confidence, a first step – to make things happen and turn things around.

Can Do is such a great attitude to life – to have a go and believe things are possible. A can do attitude makes things happen. Can do people are great to be around and they attract possibilities.

We are not in the “just believe and it will all be ok “ school of over simplified positivity. But we do believe there are times when you need to give it a go and try the just “Do It” approach.  It is surprising what happens. The “it” might not be what you expected but at times, any movement is powerful.

Someone once said to me there are occasions in life when it is better to “act your way into a new way of thinking than think your way into a new way of acting”.

So maybe there are times when it might be worth trying on a can do attitude just to see what happens.  What would it be like to just try it out and see what happens in a can do day.

The final part of our “cando/doit” equation is the “now can” piece. This is the underpinning of confidence and self belief and is often the big challenge. But is this piece that takes you forward and consolidates the approach.


So that’s why we are called Can Do It Now.  We look at all these pieces of the jigsaw and help you fit them together …………













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