Do you engage and inspire, create and nurture? Do you want some time to do that for yourself?

February 2, 2012

  This spring marks the launch of a series of retreats for wonderful women who inspire, engage others, create and facilitate. The aim of the retreats is to provide a rich environment for reflection, creativity, support, challenge and action. The venue is an inspiring French Domaine in the foothills of the Pyrenees – a nuturing […]

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A Place to Grow

October 12, 2011

For a long time I’ve noticed how often the effects of environment play out in my coaching practice. Clutter being one factor.Working space another. Creative places another. Oh my list could go on. Very often we’ve chosen inspiring places to meet for workshops and coaching; Kings Place – a beautiful place for art and music, […]

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Small Confident Steps

April 19, 2011

Increasing confidence – how do you do that? We are interesting beings aren’t we? It is often said that we can become what we do. Or that how we think and behave will have an affect on what we believe about ourselves. Visa versa. What we believe about ourselves and others will affect how we interact with […]

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Spring is in the air

March 15, 2011

Yes, its true, spring is upon us. We’ve been joyfully watching the snowdrops for the last few weeks, firstly peeping through the frosty ground and spotlit by sunshine on a cold day. The daffodils are up now and this week have opened and every plant seems to be sprouting buds. Not just the plants! We’re […]

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