small acts of repair – our planet

by Admin on November 12, 2020

Our planet

Have you heard about Earth Overshoot day? This is the projection of when each country will demand more of the Earths resources than their renewable capacity. The overshoot day for 2020 was August 22nd .

This has been steadily getting worse  –  only COVID slowed the trend slightly in 2020. What if we thought about the small every day changes that each of us could make that means we still live the Good Life today, but we are committing to the Good Life for our children’s children too.

So we could start with plastic …

How about taking thin cloth bags for weighing produce at the shops – say no to plastic bags! How about using bees wax covers instead of cling film? How about just saying no to plastic wrapped produce at the supermarket?

How about making your own beeswax wraps?

What are your steps going to be?

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